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Online Auctions with no reserve price.

Wellbid Auctions feature only new items and the starting price is always $0—with no reserve.

Bid and win brand-name merchandise for as little as 1 penny!
We promise great fun and attractive winnings. Hundreds of brand-name products await at our Auctions.

When does an Auction end?

Going once... going twice... sold, for 1 cent!
Auctions on our website are similar to traditional auctions—an Auction ends when no higher offer is made.

An Auction continues as long as there is more than one person willing to bid on the item. Instead of an auctioneer, there is a timer counting down the time remaining until the end of the Auction.

Who wins the Auction?

The last bidder is the winner.
Bidding always start at 0 dollars. You bid as long as you want.
If no higher offer is made, you are the WINNER.

Remember to be vigilant, as the time to bid is limited—seconds are ticking away!

How to win an Auction?

Register, sign in, and activate your account.
Buy BIDs to participate in Auctions, have fun, and win amazing items.

You can bid manually, by clicking the “Bid” button, or with the Autobid feature, which allows you to take part in Auctions even when you are away from your computer.

What are BIDs?

BIDs are units used to place bids at
BIDs enable you to participate in Auctions, as well as to use other site functions.
Each bid costs the amount of BIDs defined in Auction parameters.

How is it possible to buy new, brand-name items for pennies?

To take part in Auctions, you have to load your account with BIDs.

Since every bidder pays a peppercorn amount, the winner is able to snag the prize for as much as 99% less than retail price.

How to receive the winnings?

You were the highest bidder? Congratulations!
Please pay for the item within 7 days of receiving the win confirmation.
Your item will be shipped to the specified address within 14 days.

Want to know more?

If you have any questions, please refer to the Help pages or contact our Customer Service.

You can also visit our blog for tips, strategies, and comments about the site.

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